Welcome is a semi-documentary photograph series about a mall that is about to disappear. Welcome uses forty-one photos to transform a five-story mall in the center of the city, but about to be abandoned into a mysterious labyrinth. The false forest wallpaper, the graffitied stairwell, and the naked white fabric model all tell how the mall faded.

The audience will take a virtual tour in the mall as explorers. The changes in the size, structure, and color of each picture prove that the location and viewing angle of the explorer are moving. The stairs and elevators lead explorers into new spaces one after another to discover the world behind the run-down: a marginal but vibrant lifestyle is being born. The nostalgia of the mall has been metabolized with the booming economy and the more possibilities that consumers can access. In the end, the only thing left there may be the dry creeper growing along the wall and the magical vitality contained in it.

This work is not a comprehensive document of the mall, but rather triggers thinking about the development cycle of the times: this building may be demolished someday, but people will always survive in their own way, even on the plastic turf.